At-Promise Initiative

The At-Promise Initiative’s mission is to reduce youth crime by diverting susceptible young people from criminal activity toward a productive life outside the criminal justice system.

APF has established a network of three At-Promise Centers (Westside, Southside, Southwest), with plans to build a fourth center soon. Youth referred to the program receive a customized plan of wrap-around services designed specifically for themselves. These individualized programs are developed following a comprehensive therapeutic assessment which is performed on all enrollees.

APF works with more than 30 social service agencies who apply the appropriate professional expertise to each individual case, ensuring relevance and a personalized approach.
The Westside At-Promise Center has been in operation since August 2017, Southwest At-Promise on Metropolitan opened in 2021. The Truist Andrew & Walter Young At-Promise Center on Campbellton Rd. opened in 2022.

More than 1,800 youth have participated in the program, providing a bulwark against youth crime and a viable pathway toward a productive life for the enrollees.

The services provided include individual therapy, group therapy, educational assistance including tutoring, mentoring and GED classes, testing, workforce prep, arts instruction in music and filmmaking, as well as recreational activities.


recidivism v. national average of 70%


high school graduation rate


employment rate

behavioral health therapy sessions since inception