Atlanta Police Leadership Institute

Regarded among the most robust law enforcement leadership programs in the country, the Atlanta Police Leadership Institute (APLI) is building the leadership capacity of the APD. APLI is a groundbreaking program established by the Atlanta Police Foundation in partnership with leading law enforcements specialists. Since its inception, more than 1,000 officers have matriculated through the program. As the expectation of police leaders continues to increase, so does the importance of this much-needed program.

The five-tier, leadership-focused curriculum is designed to develop a well-rounded understanding of APD operations and prepares mid-level leaders to manage confidently and efficiently the challenges facing today’s law enforcement community. Officers who participate in APLI gain valuable skills in policy development, process improvement and mission-critical program design as they work through complicated public safety issues, conduct focused research projects, participate in strategic placements in other city departments and learn from mentors in the business community.