Connect Atlanta / Operation Shield

Connect Atlanta, the core of the Atlanta Police Foundation’s smart policing initiative, is an integrated system that uses state-of-the-art technology to connect APD, local businesses, and citizens with real-time surveillance and police response.

Operation Shield, our network of more than 16,000 public and private sector cameras, monitors Atlanta’s neighborhoods, business centers, major public spaces, and thoroughfares. The cameras are integrated into APD’s Video Surveillance Center which provides real-time monitoring and dispatching of police to trouble spots. Some 80% of the cost is borne by the private sector.

Connect Radio, formerly known as COMNET, gives local businesses direct contact with an E911 dispatcher in the event of an emergency on their private property. Connect Radio allows private sector security teams to integrate with APD, resulting in greater coordination of law enforcement efforts and a higher degree of real-time awareness by police.

Connect Atlanta allows individuals and businesses to register their cameras with APD, which enables APD, with the consent of the camera owner, to access the video footage when investigating a crime on or near the camera location.

Private residences and businesses who wish to register or integrate their cameras into the Operation Shield system can visit