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At the Atlanta Police Foundation, we develop programs that better the lives of the community. From families to corporations, playgrounds to board rooms, we live together with a common goal… to make Atlanta the safest, large city in the nation. We all have a story. A friend, a colleague, a neighbor that has been affected by crime. Let’s unite together to strengthen the city where we live, work and thrive.


Public safety is more personal to me than most would understand, when you’re a teenager with limited resources, just trying to become a man. The influence of what I saw around me looked like glitter and gold, but as time progressed and circumstances changed, I realized this lifestyle would eventually take its toll…on my future, my family and the things that I hold dear, and when faced with 40 years I thought the end was definitely near. But Atlanta’s a second-chance city, and this village has taken me in – from business leaders to the community, now my new chapter can begin.
My name is Jarvis. When I was younger, I made the wrong decisions because I didn’t have adequate resources needed to go through everyday life. As a result, I was facing 40 years and spent three years incarcerated. However, I was given a second chance, and have since graduated from high school, am enrolled in college and work with the Atlanta Police Department and Atlanta Police Foundation to help youth realize their full potential. Who would have thought five years ago my life would be where it is today? I’m a living testimony that is anything possible. I’m excited to see the At-Promise Center open and what it will do for our great city!


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