21st Century Community Policing


APF’s mission is to make Atlanta the safest large city in the country.

The Atlanta Police Foundation employs a broad array of 21st century public safety initiatives to accomplish its mission. These initiatives include community programs designed to provide resources to underserved neighborhoods, as well as training to cultivate a mindset of true servanthood among the Atlanta Police Department sworn personnel.

Since 2003, APF has been providing vital strategic support to the Mayor, the Chief of Police and the Atlanta Police Department on the forefront of public safety’s future direction. In 2015, Atlanta was named a model city by President Obama’s task force for 21st Century Policing – one of only 15 jurisdictions to be given that status out of 18,000 reviewed.

Our work is far from over. Through our public-private partnership model, we will continue to pursue, privately fund and implement programming that creates a safe and just city for every citizen of Atlanta, driving out crime and enhancing the safety of our neighborhoods.


Atlanta Police Leadership Institute

Regarded among the most robust law enforcement leadership programs in the country, the Atlanta Police Leadership Institute (APLI) is building the leadership capacity of the APD. APLI is a groundbreaking program established by the Atlanta Police Foundation in partnership with leading law enforcements specialists. 


At-Promise is a youth crime diversion program serving youth across the city of Atlanta. Each youth receives a therapeutic assessment to determine their individualized plan of services to include GED/education assistance, workforce prep and/or recreation activities. APF works with more than 30 social service agencies who apply the appropriate professional expertise to each individual case, ensuring relevance and a personalized approach.

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta (CSGA) concluded its 14th year of operation in 2021 with a geographic coverage of more than 100 jurisdictions in the metro Atlanta area.

The Atlanta Police Foundation manages the metrowide program, under the supervision of a designated APD sergeant. The CSGA tip line enables citizens to play a direct role in reducing crime by submitting anonymous tips that lead to a criminal arrest.

Atlanta Public Safety Training Center

The new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center will reimagine law enforcement training and Police/Fire Rescue community engagement.

The center will improve morale, retention, recruitment and training for APD and AFR professionals; Set a national standard for community engagement, neighborhood sensitivity and devotion to the civil rights; and embrace police reform and cultural sensitivity through an extensive training.

Operation Shield

Operation Shield is the Atlanta Police Foundation’s core smart policing initiative. The program has installed a canopy of some 3,000 cameras across every zone of the City, each designed to be networked in real time to the Atlanta Police Department’s Video Integration Center (VIC).

The VIC monitors networked cameras in real time, enabling APD to enhance police visibility and crime deterrence. Atlanta’s taxpayers have greatly benefited from the public/private partnership that has built out this unique law enforcement system. Under the auspices of APF, private sector companies have provided the funding for 80 percent of the system, freeing APD resources for other urgent law enforcement needs.

Secure Neighborhoods

Community policing is a core principle of the Atlanta Police Department. APD has long recognized that its officers must have a firsthand knowledge of the people and neighborhoods which they protect and serve. APF’s Secure Neighborhoods initiative addresses this fundamental mission by enabling officers to live and work in the city which they serve. It is broken into three components – The Secure Neighborhoods Home Officers Program, The Secure Neighborhoods Certified Courtesy Officer (Cco) Program, and Unity Place Recruit Housing.