Secure Neighborhoods

Community policing is a core principle of the Atlanta Police Department. APD has long recognized that its officers must have a firsthand knowledge of the people and neighborhoods which they protect and serve. APF’s Secure Neighborhoods initiative addresses this fundamental mission by enabling officers to live and work in the city which they serve. It is broken into three components–

This program provides Atlanta police officers with the opportunity to purchase a home in these neighborhoods at a reduced cost. In return, officers agree to actively patrol their new neighborhoods, participate in community associations and events and become stalwart members of their new communities.

The Courtesy Officer initiative consists of sworn officers who are provided incentives in the form of reduced rent to live in apartments in the City. In return, they perform community service and provide a police presence aimed at deterring crime in apartment communities. With assistance from apartment developers, APF will place 150 Courtesy Officers in City apartments over the next three years.

This apartment complex houses 30 APD Secure Neighborhoods recruits during the six months in which they undergo training at the Police Academy. It opened in February 2022. The program, unique in the nation will immerse the recruits in the culture of the neighborhoods they are sworn to protect – a commitment to community engagement and citizenship that is aim of the Atlanta Police Department.
Officers interested in the program may call 404-586-0180 for more information.

For more information or to apply for the program, please visit