Public Safety Training Center

The new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center will reimagine law enforcement training and Police/Fire Rescue community engagement. The PSTC will:

  • Improve morale, retention, recruitment and training for APD and AFR professionals and ensure that Atlanta attracts and motivates those most highly committed to careers in
    law enforcement
  • Set a national standard for community engagement, neighborhood sensitivity and devotion to the civil rights of all citizens by law enforcement
  • Embrace police reform and cultural sensitivity through an extensive training and educational partnership with the National Center for Civil & Human Rights
  • Facilitate collaboration and joint training between Atlanta’s police, fire/ rescue agencies and their local, state and federal partner agencies
  • Welcome the community to its public spaces The Public Safety Training Center will afford APD and AFR, the South’s largest law enforcement agencies, a state-of-the-art training facility, reduced insurance and operational training costs, and the essential training flexibility required of best-in class urban police departments.

The first phase of the Public Safety Training Center is scheduled to open 4Q 2023.

Documents available below for Studies & Reports, Project Updates and general Q&A.